MTW Wood Works Artist

I started working with wood like most,  in high school shop class, where I became engrossed in woodturning.

Like many, life got in the way,  and my love of turning took a backseat. Years later,  after spending many years as a long haul truck driver, I had the opportunity to rekindle my interest,  and,  with the help and guidance of local clubs and patient instructors,  I  found my home. I'm now very happily enjoying the art and craft of woodturning, and especially enjoy sharing my passion with others as well.

The texture and smell of wood in the shop, speaks to me in a zen sort of way where I often lose track of time, getting lost in whatever is exciting me at the time. I don't do a lot of embellishments and paints, mainly because I enjoy the way the wood grew, often with it's own blend of imperfections. Nature shows us so many interesting textures and shapes,  that I find it hard not to allow those to take center stage.  I'm a great fan of simple shapes and find them very complex in their simplicity, so the wood often determines shape and size of the piece,  my job is to give the best impression.

The materials I use are ethically harvested, and often found on the side of the road,  and as throw scrap from other users. I also used largely native woods, readily available by anyone.  Other pieces are supplied by local and national hobby stores, all available to the public. If I can offer anything you don't see, let me know, and stop back often as new pieces are always being added, thanks for visiting.

Mike Wright